My name is Peter Crowley, I'm a French composer covering a big range of styles such as : Epic Music, Fantasy Music, Movie Score, Trailer Music, Celtic Music (and World Music), Symphonic/Power Metal etc ...


It's when I was around 7 that I touched for the first time the key of a piano, and I immediatly fell in love with this instrument. It was the beginning of a great adventure. I learnt music theory and piano during 2 years (around 2001 - 2002). And that's at the age of 13 in 2007 that I discovered Metal music and started to play electric guitar.


The next year, in Febuary 2008, I composed my first song (which was really bad actually xD) but it was only the beginning. I tried a lot of genres through the years to come up with the genres I compose today.


And in the early 2012, I decided to open a YouTube channel where I uploaded my pieces. And you know the rest of the story :).

Some of my pieces :

Epic Pirate Adventure Music - Myths And Adventures

Epic (Orchestral) Multi Genres Music - The Story Of All Stories

Adventure Pirate Music - Conquest Of The Sea

Epic Adventure Music - Journey Of Wonders

Celtic Heroic Music - Elven Kingdom

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